About the trust


Gloucester Civic Trust was established in 1972


Our story began in 1960s when so many buildings of historic interest, included listed buildings, were being demolished. Southern’s Stores in Northgate Street became the catalyst when it was realised, too late, that behind the Victorian façade was a medieval timber framed building.  Nobody knew it was there until the demolition started and revealed the timbers.

For photos of Southern’s, click HERE

There was an outcry in the City, articles were written in the local press and a public meeting was organised.

Gloucester Civic Trust was set up as a Charity in October 1972.  The aims and objectives were:

“To stimulate public interest in the area. To promote high standards of planning and architecture. To secure the preservation, protection, development and improvement of local features of historic and public interest.” 

We actively encourage the appreciation and conservation of Gloucester’s heritage and are a major force in the promotion of city tourism. We aim to ensure that regeneration programmes respect and complement Gloucester’s diverse past.

We are an independent charity run by volunteers. Our income comes from subscriptions, donations and guided tours. We work closely with local residents’ groups and businesses to encourage vibrant communities. Our projects help to improve the quality of life of local people, as well as educating both residents and visitors about our city’s rich culture and history.

We want Gloucester to be a pleasant place to visit, and a safe and clean city for all those who live and work here.

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Patron of the Gloucester Civic Trust



Janina Ramirez, well known academic and TV presenter, historian, author, and President of Gloucester History Festival,  accepted this role in September 2022.


Photo courtesy of Mike Smith

Janina Ramirez with Martyn White  our Chairman with a plaque to commemorate the occasion when Janina, as our Patron, was asked to open The Folk of Gloucester,  September 2022.






Gloucester Civic Trust is made up of a number of committees, each of which has its own specialist role.

Members are encouraged to get involved in local issues and projects and to make a difference.

The committees – which all report to the Council of Management – play an important role in delivering our heritage programmes.


Our work is rewarding, interesting and exciting.

Anyone can join Gloucester Civic Trust and our members indeed come from all walks of life.

They are encouraged to involve themselves in local issues and projects and to make a difference.