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Guided Walks – 2024


Guided Walks of our Historic City are available every day (except Sundays) from April 1st through to September 30th  at 11.00 am

 Meet the guide at St Mary de Crypt in Southgate Street where you can buy tickets.

You may also reserve your place on a guided walk in advance through emailing


You will pay the guide on the day.

Cost £7.00 per adult, £3.00 for secondary school children and £2.00 for primary school children.


To request a Guided Walk outside these dates, see information about Private Guided Walks and Tours below


Roman Gloucester Walks and Eastgate Chamber Tours


These are run in association with the Museum of Gloucester on alternate Fridays between May and September

Start times: 10.30 for Roman Gloucester walk and 11.00 for Eastgate Chamber tour.

Details  HERE 


Book Roman Gloucester Walk

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A private Roman Walk / Chamber Tour can be booked throughout the year.

Please email with your request.


Private Guided Walks & Tours



Private guided walks are available throughout the year for groups both large and small with no extra charge. To complement your guided walk, refreshments can be arranged for a small additional charge.


Choose any of the walks from our extensive list below and email your requirements to



A city centre coach set down point is available

Cost £7.00 per adult, £3.00 for secondary school children and £2.00 for primary school children.




Tours of The Folk of Gloucester 



We run tours of this historic Tudor building throughout the year.

For more information and to book your place on a Tour CLICK HERE


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Choose the walk that you want

We offer a range of guided walks and tours that can be tailored to your interest. These are charged at the same rate and can be offered to individuals or groups. Choose your walk from the list below and email to make arrangements.



City Walks

Discover the City’s fascinating history from the arrival of the Romans nearly two thousand years age.

Gloucester Docks

A circular tour of Gloucester Docks, covering its history from Roman Times and its importance through time as Britain’s most inland port.

Siege of Gloucester

Visit the areas connected with arguably the City’s finest hour. The Siege of Gloucester in 1643, when a small garrison of Parliamentarians, led by Colonel Massey, held the might of Charles I and his Royalist army at bay at a significant point in the English Civil War. 

Richard III

This walk around the City tells of Richard III’s important 3-day visit to Gloucester in 1483, explaining his Royal Progress and the granting of the significant charter. 

That’s Entertainment

A walk in the city to see the sites of former theatres, cinemas, inns and other places where people have indulged in their pleasures and pastimes.

Monks, Canons & Friars

Join the guide visiting a Priory, an Abbey and two Friaries and hear about the lives of their inhabitants and theor relationships with the local community. 

Gloucester Statues

Uncover some insight into the history of Gloucester as commemorated in public statues. 

Roman Gloucester.

Hear why the Romans came to Gloucester. Discover Roman walls in the Eastgate Chamber and meet Emperor Nerva.

Medieval Churches

Gloucester’s History and architecture through some of its medieval churches, noting Roman Saxon, Norman and monastic influences.

Tailor of Gloucester

In 1903, Beatrix Potter published one of her best-loved stories, “The  Tailor of Gloucester”, based on a true story about John Prichard. The walk shows you places in Gloucester associated with the author.

Robert Raikes

The story of Robert Raikes, publisher, prison reformer and a founder of the Sunday School movement, showing the buildings connected with him. 

Gloucester Spa

In the early 1900’s, Gloucester had a thriving Spa. Trace the history of The Spa and take in the fine buildings associated with it. 

Cathedral Precincts

Hear about the religious and secular history associated with the beautiful Cathedral Precincts. 

Christian Heritage

Gloucester’s history goes back 2,000 years to the time of Jesus. On this walk you will see the places and hear the stories of events and people that shaped Gloucester’s Christian heritage over the intervening years.

Eastgate Chamber

Visit the Eastgate chamber and discover Roman walls, a medieval gate tower and a 16th century horsepool.

Children’s City Walk

An entertaining and educational walk around the City suitable for accompanied 6 – 11 year olds.
Tickets £2 per child (accompanying adult free).

Saxon Gloucester

Trace Gloucester’s history between the end of the Roman era and the Norman Conquest. Hear about Aethelflaed, Lady of the Mercians, the only woman to rule an Anglo-Saxon kingdom, who revived the town and was buried here in 918.

Historic Inns & Pubs

This walk visits some of Gloucester’s historic watering holes and the location of some inns lost in antiquity.

Llanthony Secunda Priory

Founded in 1136, this Priory became the richest Augustinian house in England, entertaining the Court of Henry VII in 1500 and 1501. 

Historic Characters

Hear about the histories of celebrated Gloucester citizens, some known for their eccentric lifestyles, some for their benevolence as well as those who achieved fame in the fields of literature, music, science and religion.


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Here is a recent review from some very happy visitors

“We loved the tour yesterday, as we have all three so far.

What a treat to have an expert like Hugh as our personal tour guide.

The quality of the tours here in Gloucester in terms of depth of knowledge of the guides exceeds anything we’ve experienced in London.”


Educational programme for schools

We offer a range of guided walks that can support the syllabus in schools.

Please click HERE to find what is available




Vouchers for Guided Walks

These pre-paid vouchers will be valid for a year from date of purchase, allowing ample time to be used.

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