Restoring historic Gardens & Creating New Urban Gardens


Restoring historic gardens

Civic Trust members in 1996 set in place a 10 year plan to restore the Brunswick Square Historic Gardens. Established in 1825, these Georgian gardens had become run down. Residents were considering handing the gardens over to the city council as they could no longer manage them.

Our members stepped in to save the gardens. They sought grants and over a 7 year period restored the gardens to their former glory. Our members also set in place a comprehensive tree and planting programme to ensure the long term environmental benefits to the local wildlife. A plant trail was established for people to follow. Some £200,000 was raised to restore the gardens by our members.

The gardens used to form part of Gaudy Green and during the Siege of Gloucester in 1643, the gardens saw a lot of action. King Charles 11′s men used the area to engage cannon fire on th Gate Wale Southl.


Creating new urban gardens – St Michael’s Square

Our members were approached by the St Michael’s Square Community Group. They wanted us to help re-create the Victorian Garden that was once the hub of their neighbourhood. Civic Trust members raised a total of £175,000 to create a new garden for the community. Our members set in place a fund raising programme which has made the gardens sustainable and which ensures a high standard of maintenance.

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