This will be the new name for the Life Museum which was previously the Folk Museum in Westgate Street.


Gloucester Civic Trust are taking over the building in the Autumn and it will be reopened as an Exhibition and events space for the Community in the Spring of 2020.   We are calling it the Folk of Gloucester because our main aim will be to promote our history and heritage and tell the story of Gloucester through its people and the events which took place here.
For instance, there will be a permanent Exhibition all about the Civil War and specifically highlighting the Siege of Gloucester and its importance.  The Siege was a turning point in 1643 and  if our citizens had not held out so strongly for Parliament then it is likely that Charles 1st would have won the War and history would have been changed for ever!
But we shall need lots of help!  For instance, we shall need a Manager who will help us to bring the history of Gloucester and its citizens alive once again and we are hoping to find someone who shares our passion and our dream.
Are you that person?  or do you know anyone who is?

Download the relevant details here.