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Events at the Folk 2022

Please note that the Folk will be closed for essential maintenance work until June 2022. When a firm date for reopening is known, we will update this page.




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Tours of The Folk 2021




Be one of the first to explore this building which was closed for several years! Walk on the squeaky floorboards and smell the History!
Gloucester Civic Trust have taken over this amazing and unique row of three Tudor houses from the City Council and want to bring life back into the buildings and keep them safe for future generations.
Guided Tours are now available and tell the stories of the buildings themselves and the people who owned them or worked or lived in them during the last 600 years. The Tour Guides will be dressed in costume, representing a real person connected to the building.

Find out why someone was hiding in the loft of the coal house, or who received special dispensation from the Privy council in the sixteenth century.
Hear the story about Bishop Hooper and the room he is reputed to have stayed in the night before he was burnt at the Stake in 1555.
Who owned and lived in these buildings during the Civil War and the Siege of Gloucester in 1643?
Who set up the largest pin making factory in Gloucester here in the 18 th Century and exhibited their state-of-the-art machinery in the Great Exhibition in 19th Century?
Who was the very last baby to be born here in 20th Century? And – where was the Witch’s bottle found?
All these questions will be answered during the Tour.
You will also hear about our plans for the future of the buildings which will no longer be a museum but an exhibition and events space and a centre for the local community.
The tour takes about 90 minutes and costs £5. Free tickets can be booked for each child under age 16 accompanied by an adult. There is a limit of 10 people on each tour. Book now to avoid disappointment.
Access to the first and second floors is via staircases. There is no lift access. This means the tour is unsuitable for pushchairs, users of wheelchairs and those with limited mobility.

All Tours of The Folk for 2021 are sold out but more will be arranged in 2022.

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The Ed Shed





The Ed Shed


The Ed Shed offers two modern, spacious, comfortable and accessible meeting and training rooms for hire in Gloucester City Centre.
Available Monday to Friday, 08.00 – 17.00
Evenings and Weekends are also available
Access from Quay Street. GL1 2PG
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