St Michaels Tower Final Render NWSt Michaels Tower Final Render NW Arial
Gloucester Civic Trust for the past 3 years has been considering a lighting scheme for St Michael’s Tower.
Various schemes have been considered in conjunction with Gloucester City Council that would best suit this iconic building in the heart of the city centre.
The Tower is quite a land mark and can be seen on many of the approach roads into Gloucester.
Marilyn Champion, leading the project says “We’ve been looking at this scheme for many years. Taking on board English Heritage guidelines for lighting up Scheduled Ancient Monuments it’s felt the best way forward is to use the existing cabling which is already in place and improving on what is there; to have an effective yet subtle scheme”.
“We had intended to include the scheme in the original bid we did to the Heritage Lottery Fund in 2008, but it took us over budget.  It’s been on our wish list for a long time”.
 “At the weekends during the evening, areas around the building are subject to anti social behaviour.  It’s felt that having an improved scheme lighting up dark corners will enhance the city centre. Not only that but when the Tower is lit up it will be seen from afar at night making an interesting sky line over the city”.
It’s early days; we’re still considering quotes and consents must be sought but the funds are nearly all in place.
The scheme has been made possible by the fund raising efforts of the St  Michael’s Tower volunteers and by the great Gloucester public who continue to support events held in St Michael’s Tower.