Saturday, 22 June at 11.00 am at St Michael’s Tower

Christine Morgan of Gloucester Civic Trust will be entertaining us with a very interesting talk entitled “Welcome to Gloucester”! Christine says: “A wide variety of people, from kings and queens to less illustrious persons, have arrived at our city’s gates through the centuries.

Most have received a warm welcome, such as  Henry VIII and his Queen Anne Boleyn, but others have had a more hostile reception, as did Charles I and his sons at the time of the English Civil War when Gloucester supported the Parliamentarians

Some of their comments and observations have been put on record. Most are favourable, witty or amusing, but you will hear some slightly scathing words too. For instance Dr Foster vowed never to return after getting soaked by falling into a huge puddle of water. You probably know the rhyme but do you know about the legend of his mishap?

Major events in a town of strategic, military importance and high status from the time of the Romans, as part of the kingdom of Mercia,  the Norman era and during the Middle Ages have been recorded.

You will hear stories about William the Conqueror, Henry III, who greatly loved the town and frequently stayed here, Edward II and many other great and famous people.

In more recent centuries, Queen Victoria came here, on one occasion staying at the Kings Head in Westgate Street  before she became queen, and there are some enthralling tales about the illustrious composers who attended the Three Choirs Festival and their often eccentric behaviour.”

Tickets cost £2  and are available from the Tourist Information Centre and from St Michael’s Tower. Proceeds on the day go towards the conservation and upkeep of St Michael’s Tower.