St Michael’s Tower

Special Events 2018

Tickets £3.00 from St Michael’s Tower or the Tourist Information Centre unless otherwise stated.

Gloucester from the Air and Ground

Tony Conder, Saturday 21 April, 11.30am

Join Tony for a look at Gloucester’s growth over the centuries using 100 years of aerial photographs and pictures. On the ground, it’s a fascinating look at the city from a different angle.


The Story of the Hawker Typhoon

James Rendell,  Saturday 12 May, 11.30am

The Hawker Typhoon Gloucester Built “Terror of the Axis”. The fastest aircraft in the world. Successor to the Sptifire and Hurricane.


FREE Children’s Activities: Wulfbertie

Saturday 26 May 11.00am to 2.00pm

Explore Saxon Gloucester with the author of the Wulfbertie books. Activities for all ages. Come and join in the fun.

Face painting between 12 noon and 2.00pm.


The Story of Aethelflaed

Ian Holt, Saturday 16 June, 11.30am

Aethelflaed was the daughter of Alfred the Great. She ruled a large swathe of England from Gloucester. She planned and led military campaigns and built new towns and rebuilt old ones, including Gloucester. She has an excellent claim to being the mother of England and this talk will look at her life and work.

Poetry Cafe

With Paddy Selway and Ian Holt, Saturday 7 July 11.301m                               FREE EVENT

Come along and listen to poetry in the relaxed atmosphere of St Michael’s. Local poets are welcome to read their work.  Please register beforehand if you would like to read a poem by calling 01452 526955.


City Art Festival: Jack Russell paintings in the Tower

 Saturday 14 July and Sunday 15 July

An exibition of painting by the renowned local artist, Jack Russell.


Confessions of a Town Crier

Alan Myatt, Saturday 21 July, 11.30am

Join Alan Myatt, the world’s loudest Crier, Man with the Leather Larynx, as he takes us on a celebratory journey spanning three decades incorporating all his mishaps, blunders and high adventures.


FREE Children’s Activities

Saturday 25 August 11.00am to 2.00pm

Join the fun by dressing in Tudor costume and handling Tudor relics.      Face painting between 12 noon and 2.00pm.


Gloucester Day

Saturday 1 September

Call in to the Tower to hear about the origins of Gloucester Day and the Siege of Gloucester.


The Advance to Victory 1918

Bob Brunsdon, Saturday 22 September 11.30am

The Hundred Day Offensive. Hear about the final events of World War One.