“Severn Moods”, a breathtaking photographic exhibition, will be on show in St Michael’s Tower from Monday 18 October.

Gloucester amateur photographer, Mike Barnes, has spent years capturing the River Severn from its source until it flows into the Severn Estuary.

The life of the River Severn is depicted in stunning images, and the exhibition highlights the changing moods of the River Severn over the seasons. Some of the images are shot from unusual places, as Mike took to some huge heights to complete his photographic portfolio.

Admission is free. The photos are also on sale – proceeds will go to Mike’s chosen charities, The Pied Piper, Save the Solder and Cancer UK.

The Exhibition is complemented by the Cards for Good Causes, selling charity Christmas cards. DVD’s are also on sale of Old Gloucester – so lots of opportunities to buy Christmas gifts for friends and family, with proceeds going to good causes.