Saturday Cinema with Gloucester Civic Trust

Gloucester Civic Trust is launching a new Saturday Cinema programme on Saturday, May 19th from 11.00 am in St Michael’s Tower, which is on the Cross, in Gloucester.

Once a month, on a Saturday, the Civic Trust will be taking us on a trip down memory lane showing old film footage of Gloucester.

Most of the films are taken from Gloucester Civic Trust archives and were filmed by former Trust members such as Peter Price and George Fear.

The first Saturday Cinema will include 2 short films on loan to the Civic Trust by Mr and Mrs Thornell. The film shows unique film footage of the Longlevens area in the 1930’s and street scenes of our Gate Streets, Gloucester Wagon Works and local schools.

Marilyn Champion, Project Leader of St Michael’s Tower for Gloucester Civic Trust, says “the public interest in these films is enormous. We’ve recently converted old cine film we had in our Civic Trust archives into DVD form so that we can share these memories with local people. Not so long ago we were showing one of the old films in St Michael’s Tower and a local lady spotted her grand father in one of the clips pushing a cart. The films show a changing world in fashion, transport and in architecture. One film we shall be showing at a later date is actually a recent film made by Gloucester Civic Trust volunteers”.

In April last year the Trust was privileged to film a few of the surviving
veterans from the Korean War, some of whom were in the Gloucestershire Regiment, to commemorate the 60th year the Battle of the Imjin River. The Civic Trust recorded interviews with the war veterans who were kind enough to share their Korean War experiences. Marilyn Champion says “Some of the interviews are humorous but others are sad as we hear about how they were captured and what life was like as a POW. We also hear daring stories of how some escaped and despite many days on the run they were betrayed and recaptured with serious consequences”.

The Saturday Cinema Sessions are free. Films will be screened non stop from 11.00 am until 2.00 pm.

To obtain a film programme please call in to St Michael’s Tower for an event leaflet.

Gloucester Civic Trust

01452 526955

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