The long-awaited report of the extensive archaeological excavations on the site of the Bell Hotel in Southgate Street has now been published by Henry Hurst, the dig director.

The volume describes the discovery of the Roman forum and basilica plus the earlier Roman occupation of the site. It also details the remains of an equestrian statue, the only known example of the period that has been found in Britain.

The Saxon period occupation of the site is also covered together with a discussion of the development of Gloucester at that period. The Medieval and Post Medieval building works on the Bell Hotel and the adjacent White Lion Inn are also covered.

Many of the interesting finds from the site are illustrated and described, including a large quantity of leather objects. If you wish to see what the fashionable citizens of medieval Gloucester wore on their feet then this chapter is for you.

The Roman Forum and Post Roman sequence at the City Centre by H.R. Hurst

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