Heritage Open Days is a national celebration of England’s fantastic history, offering FREE access, on four days annually in September, to properties usually closed to the public or which normally charge for admission.

Gloucester is among the top three venues in the country with its huge range of activities during Heritage Open Days.

60 historic buildings open FREE

60 FREE guided walks and tours

50 FREE musical recitals, talks and other activities

In 2014, Gloucester Civic Trust Guides provided tours of Blackfriars Priory, Winfield’s, Bearland House, Llanthony Priory and The Dick Whittington.

Themed “Discovery” tours featured:

Beatrix Potter

Roman Times

Siege of Gloucester

Great Gloucester Gargoyles

Historic Docks

Gloucester Spa

Robert Raikes

Medieval Churches

Christian Heritage

Hillfield Gardens

Children’s Walk

The Heritage Open Days in the city formed part of the Gloucester History Festival which ran from 6th to 19th September, 2014.