Daily Activities for adults and children in St Michael’s Tower

St Michael’s Tower has a host of FREE activities to keep children occupied during the school holidays and at the weekend.

Make Your Own Family Shield

Children can have a go designing their own family crests in the form of shields

Materials are supplied free of charge

Brass Rubbing

Materials are supplied free of charge so that both adults and children may copy the pretty designs and poems on our 2 Rudhall Bells on display to the public.

Jigsaw Corner

Try your skill with our St Michael’s Tower jig saw

St Michael’s Tower Quiz for all the family

Quiz sheets are available for you to hunt the clues in the Tower.  All the answers are there – you just have to hunt for them on our display panels.

Bell Chiming

We have 3 bells in St Michael’s Tower and you can make them all sound out. Why not have a go with your friends and make up your own personal tune?

Jemmy Wood Puppet

Jemmy Wood was once hailed as the most miserly man in the whole of England.  Come to St Michael’s Tower and hear his story and play with our Jemmy Wood puppet.