GLOUCESTER CIVIC TRUST Autumn/Winter public talks – 2012/2013

THE Forest of Dean is a place to enjoy the Spring bluebells, a Summer picnic or the
Autumn colours – yet it also has a long and rich history. The first talk in our new
series is by Forest historian Pete Ralph who will be telling us of its fascinating history
from Canute to our present Queen.

UNLESS you are one of the 5,000 WI members in Gloucestershire your knowledge
of what they do may be somewhat vague. Tonight we will learn a lot more about the
movement from the Gloucestershire WI Federation chairman Sue Wilson. There’s a
lot more to a WI than Jam and Jerusalem.

FOR years Gloucester had a thriving agricultural market and was the focus of the
farming fraternity for miles around. However since the Second World War things
have changed radically and Humphrey Chamberlayne, who has farmed at Ashleworth
will be telling us something about these changes. It should be a fascinating evening.
Wine and mince pies (provided by our chairman) will be available after the meeting.

AS part of our last programme of talks John Putley delighted us with an insight into
Tudor medicine. Tonight John will talk on Gloucestershire highwaymen – or alternatively
Roman medicine!!

CIVIC Trust member Ian Hollingsbee will be talking about Second World War
Prisoner of War camps in Gloucestershire. It is a new subject for Ian and one which
has engaged Ian’s research skills for many months. It should be an intriguing evening.

PAT Furley has delighted county audiences with his Magic Lantern shows for more
than 40 years. He is constantly looking for new original source material and has now
found fascinating footage from the early days of the cinema…….just the sort of thing
our grandparents would have enjoyed in one of the city’s many cinemas around 100
years ago. It should be a light hearted follow up to the Trust’s AGM.

All talks will be at the GALA Club off Fairmile Gardens on Gloucester’s Tewkesbury
Road, starting at 7.30pm. There will be no admission charge, although there will be a
retiring collection. Please come, and bring a friend.