For the Gloucester Civic Trust to win the Queen’s Award for Voluntary Services is a huge tribute to the tremendous work which has been put in by so many for so long – not merely now but in the past. For 40 years the Trust has grown and expanded its work in the city. The celebration held in the Guildhall in October 2012 marked years of dedication by members to ensure that our glorious heritage is protected and promoted to the benefit of all living in Gloucester.

The original nomination for the Award was made by the secretary, John Lovell, following a discussion with City MP, Richard Graham. Filling out the forms was only the first step in a process which involved a 2.5 hour meeting with two deputy Lord Lieutenants, further questions being posed and then an endorsement by the Lord Lieutenant Dame Janet Trotter.

The decision making process in London was lengthy but eventually successful.

In the words of the chair of the Awarding Committee, Martyn Lewis, the Trust has been judged as the best in an impressive galaxy of volunteering talent.

He adds: ‘At grassroots level in communities across the land there are millions of citizens identifying and tackling issues and problems that affect society and you are one of the finest examples of democracy in action selflessly giving of your time and talents to make your city better for everyone.’

This fantastic award is for every member of the Trust who actively involves themselves in our work – from making tea at the Tower to leading tours around the city, from sitting on city on the Trust’s planning appraisal board and on the Council of management, to baby sitting at churches and organising the Heritage Open Days in conjunction with the City Council.

To all of you my heartfelt congratulations for a job well done.

JOHN LOVELL (Trust secretary)