Monthly Talks for Members 2016/2017

The following talks are open to all Gloucester Civic Trust members and are held at the Gala Club, Fairmile Gardens, Gloucester. GL2 9EB

Talks start at 7.30pm. Admission is free, with a retiring collection to help cover costs.

Wednesday 7 September – Gloucester’s Great and Good, Richard Trelfa

Gloucester has been at the centre of events for 2000 years.

Tonight, Richard Trelfa will introduce us to some of the great and good whose names are associated with our city, including:-

Roman Emperor Nerva

The Lady of the Mercians, Aethelflead

England’s Greatest Knight, William Marshall

King Edward II

Banker Jemmy Wood

Scientist Charles Wheatstone

Author Beatrix Potter


Wednesday 19 October – Oliver Cromwell’s Law Reformer, Rose Hewlett

Rose Hewlett will introduce us to Oliver Cromwell’s law reformer, William Sheppard, who was born at Whitminster.

He became a barrister in  1629 and in 1653 he became Cromwell’s “Sergeant at Law” and subsequently Chief Justice in North Wales.

An interesting fellow but one few of us have heard about.


Wednesday 16 November – John Rowden’s Gloucester, presented by Phil Moss

During the late 1950s and early 1960s, Hempsted man, John Rowden, took numerous photos of Gloucester prior to the wholesale re-development of the city centre..

John, a regular attendee at our Gala Club talks, sadly died last year, but very kindly allowed our speaker, Phil Moss, access to his photographic collection, which Phil will share with us tonight.

Wine and mince pies will be served after Phil’s presentation.


Wednesday 15 February – Boil A Mouse In Urine, Malcolm Watkins

Tonight’s talk, Boil A Mouse In Urine, uncovers some of the strange ways in which children were cared for in the period between Henry VIII and Charles I.

If you think some childcare ideas are modern, then you may have to think again!

We are delighted to welcome back this evening’s speaker, former Gloucester archaeologist, Malcolm Watkins,  to be our guide


Wednesday 16 March – The Glosters and Korea, Chris Chatterton

Chris Chatterton is the curator of the Soldiers of Gloucestershire Museum.

He has visited South Korea, both during his term as Mayor of Gloucester and since, and has experienced the tremendous admiration the Koreans have for the exploits of the Gloucestershire Regiment.

In 1951, at the Battle of Imjin River, the Glosters were outnumbered, but managed to hold up the North Koreans and their Chinese allies long enough to ensure South Korea’s survival.

The Regiment’s courage then has also had an interesting sequel.



Wednesday 20 April – AGM followed by  a talk: From Deck Hand to First Citizen, Chris Witts

Gloucester Civic Trust’s  AGM at 7.30 will be followed by a talk by Chris Witts.

Chris has a fascinating story to tell.

He started work on board John Harker tankers, which plied their trade from Swansea to Worcester.

He was on the River Severn on the night when two tankers collided with the Severn Railway Bridge in fog, with dire consequences.

Chris later went on to become Mayor of Gloucester.